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Our Nursery

Kings Meadow is a place that your child will enjoy coming to and where their confidence will grow as they develop friendships with other children, staff and families


Caterpillars: 6 months to 30 months

Our Caterpillar’s room provides babies and toddlers with high quality care in home-like DSCF1296  environments. We ensure our nursery provides rich, comfortable and secure surroundings     where your child will feel relaxed and happy to play and interact with staff and other   children.

Our practitioners provide individualised care to children and create a warm, caring and        nurturing environment to help with the development of your child’s emotional security. We meet children’s physical and emotional needs through daily care routines, one to one   interactions with each child as well as small group play times.



Butterflies: 30 months to 5 years

We support learning through providing a range of meaningful, planned and spontaneous learning experiences that are developmentally and culturally appropriate and based on the skills and abilities of the individual and of the group.

At this stage the environment supports children’s independent thinking and learning across the curriculum as independence skills are encouraged throughout the day. Children are encouraged to develop autonomy, recognising their own needs such as when they need a drink or need to use the bathroom. Activities provided build on children’s current stage of learning and include ICT skills.



We use the garden all year around, in all weather. Wellington boots are always a must at Kings Meadow Pre-school.

Our outdoor area allows the children to take risks and make choices in a safe environment. We have two outdoor spaces, a garden area for the Butterflies (3 years – 5 years) and a smaller area for the Caterpillars (6 months – 3 years).

The outdoor area provides children with excellent opportunities to be physically active and to gain more control of their fine and gross motor skills. The children are exposed to a range of natural experiences; they are able to explore different weather conditions and begin to develop an understanding about cause and effect.







Working in partnership with you

We always aim to work with you as a partner in the care of your child, as you know your child best. The most effective and personal way to get to know you is through frequent verbal communication with the nursery team. We aim to offer you as much information as possible about the nursery. You will find various information boards around the nursery including a parent notice board, a health and safety information board and specific information boards in each base room. Menus and food information will be also be displayed near the nursery kitchen.

Kings Meadow Pre-school has an ‘open-door policy’. Parents are welcome to call us at any time or visit their child during the day.


Our Key Person Approach – a special person for every child

You will often hear the phrase “Key Person” in the nursery. Whilst children are looked after in groups it is important that we meet the individual needs of your child and ensure your child has the opportunity to bond with a “special person” at nursery. It is also important that you have a specific person whom you get to know and are comfortable to share information with. Each child is assigned a Key Person at the settling in stage. It is their role to share information with you about your child and to ensure your child’s individual needs are being met. They observe your child in order to be able to plan for your child’s learning and development and to make assessments on their progress.

To allow for holidays and shift patterns we often work a buddy system which allows someone to be nominated to take on this role in the absence of the Key Person. If you are not aware of who your child’s Key Person is please ask the Room leader in your child’s base room or look for the Key Person information on the room’s parent notice board.